Home Visits

We offer home visits to all our new babies and children and their families and we believe that a ‘getting – to – know you’ visit to the child’s home at this time helps to ease the transition from home to Muriel Green.

Nursery School and Day Care

For all children who attend the Nursery School and Day Care we have a Key Worker approach, this gives staff a holistic view of children and enriches family/caregivers’ relationships. We offer a regular opportunity for you to meet with the teachers and practitioners to discuss your child’s growth, learning and development. This is also an opportunity to discuss your child’s termly Unique Child Summary or Two Year Check.

Nursery School

Good communication between parents and the school is essential so members of staff are usually available at the beginning and at the end of the session. Please do not hesitate to speak to them if you have a concern or query. Look out for notices displayed in the nursery. Information about the themes for the term, and the associated activities, will be sent out to parents in a fortnightly newsletter. We hope that this will help you to encourage your child to talk about what she/he has been doing in Nursery.
Each term you will have a Unique Child Summary about your child’s learning and development. We hold parent consultations and Coffee Mornings with a curriculum theme. Children may take a book home every day and there will be home learning activities. Parents are invited to attend events such as a Christmas Nativity, sharing activities, an end of year picnic and Make Chatter Matter (a charity fund raising event). The Nursery holds a Saturday Open Day and joins in ‘Larks in the Park’.

Parent Helpers

We are keen to have extra help in the nursery. If you have any time to spare and would like to be a parent helper, please see a member of staff. It may be necessary to complete a DBS check etc There are many ways in which you could help, for instance you could………

Read a story or share a story sack in the library
Encourage children to experiment with mark making and writing letters in our writing area
Play a turn taking game or a game, which enhances mathematical development
Support children in making decisions about where to play and what to do
Support children in using and handling ICT equipment with care such as the beebots
We can plan more outings when we have parental support enabling children to learn from and about their community
Encouraging children to label models and artwork
Preparing boards and displays
Preparing fruit for snack times
Restocking and sorting learning areas
The list is endless………………………

You may have others talents which you would be willing to share such as an ability to play a musical instrument. Please inform the nursery team if you would like to come and help. Thank you.