Day Care Activities

The children have been mixing materials to create tree decorations and calendars and then finishing them with paint and glitter. As I am sure you have noticed the children have been immersed into Christmas with songs and dancing and lots of tinsel. 14/12/17



We have been welcoming a few new friends into Baby Room and introducing them to our fun and most enjoyed messy play activities. This supports the learning area Expressive Arts and Design, explores and experiments through a range of media through sensory exploration, and using whole body. In the past two weeks we have had water, flour, shaving foam, cornflour, body painting, sticking, mark making with crayons, jelly and rice, pasta and oats play. 16/10/17


The messy play sessions this week have allowed the children to explore their senses. The children enjoyed their water play and also using their body to paint. The children have also begun their introduction to five rhymes and stories and are enjoying participating within these sessions. We have also been encouraging sharing and understanding that toys can be used by others. 22/9/17

Baby room has a summer/seaside theme for our 5 Rhymes and Stories this half term. The babies love their new books and have been learning new songs. Water play in many different colours with sea creatures, pots and containers has been very popular! The babies have been exploring different textures using their sense of touch when engaged in many other messy activities such as body painting, wet flour, corn flour, shaving foam and sand play. The children were fascinated when mixing paint colours, filling and emptying, picking at some funny textures and making a big splash! 22/6/17

Recently many of our older toddlers have transitioned to Ocean Room, lots of new babies have been welcomed and settled. We are making adjustments to the room to accommodate so many who are not yet ready to sit up or walk on their own for example new chairs, adjustable height tables and some new toys suitable for younger babies. 12/5/17

Baby Room have been learning the skills to be able to playing alongside others. They have been practicing these skills by singing “Row Row Row Your Boat”, and pairing up with a friend to pretend to row like a boat. The babies have also been developing the skills to interact with others and explore new situations when supported by a familiar adult. They have had great fun getting messy in the gloop during a sensory play activity. These are skills the children are learning to develop their personal, social and emotional development and with their self-regulation skills. 10/2/17

The room is looking very festive and everything is wonderful and new, they have Christmas songs and music and Christmas crafts. They have been experiencing different textures including paint, glitter, gloop and shaving foam. They particularly enjoyed playing with snow they made from shaving foam and corn flour. 14/12/16


The Babies collected leaves on an autumn walk in the park. They used the leaves to makebaby their patterns and talk about the colours.
We have welcomed some new children to Baby Room recently and it is good to see them settling in. 24/10/16